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Good morning jungle family. Important information !!!

•Jumpers jungle LONG BEACH & SOUTHGATE are still operating regular business hours 10 am to 8pm

• DEAR CUSTOMERS PLEASE TAKE IN CONSIDERATION HOW different we are compared to DISNEYLAND, GROUP EVENTS, OR ANY ANNUAL EVENTS HELD WHERE PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD COME TO ATTEND. We dont attract tourist, nor do we have a constant attendance/traffic of people coming from across the world. This means our facilities will remain safe and sound and as clean as possible as we can maintain them. We do ask to take control and keep those that are ill at home and as well as follow any safety procedures we have going on in order to enter and enjoy our indoor playgrounds.

• We are and have always been , before all this out break ,sanitizing and cleaning non stop ! We are a very clean environment.

• LIKE WE MENTIONED , We are very different from any theme parks ect. (We host private events in which YOU THE HOST know who’s being invited) and have control of notifying those whom sick to please stay home.

• We follow protocol in which whom ever steps inside our facility must not be sick & we must personally sanitize there hands . Thank you all for understanding BEST REGARDS , -JJ

  • No made deposits will be refundable under any circumstances
  • No re scheduling of event will be granted under any circumstances

Please call location prior to arrival to confirm open play hours for day of visit.


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