What To Expect From An Indoor Bounce House Birthday Party

What Exactly Is Jumper’s Jungle?

This is a business that provides a unique location for kids to have a lot of fun. If you have ever seen a bounce house at a carnival, this is what they provide and much more. Not only can you have birthday parties there, but you can also do special events. You can choose from the many different party packages that they have, and by calling them early enough, you can schedule your event without any conflicts.

What Will You Find Of These Facilities?

You will find jungle bouncers, super slides, and inflatable obstacles. There are also many sports games, as well as several other activities. The only thing that they request is that you do not use shoes when you are on any of the equipment. Socks are also mandatory, and this goes for both children and adults that will be attending the party.

How Can The Festivities Last?

Parties typically last two hours if it is a private event. They can be extended by 30 minutes for 75 additional dollars. The last 30 minutes to 40 minutes is when the cake will be served. The last 15 minutes is when everybody needs to start cleaning up so that they can start preparing for the new guests to arrive. If you go over that time, they charge for every 15 minutes at $37.50. This is their way of making sure that people stay on track. They may have as many as eight parties in a single day, so they need to make sure that everybody is following a very specific schedule so that other families can also participate.

Is It Possible To Bring Your Own Food?

You can bring your own food, but it is necessary to purchase this from a store or a restaurant. You cannot bring any home-cooked meals. If you would like to purchase pitchers of soda, you can purchase that while you are there. If you are throwing a VIP party, you get three 2 liter bottles, whereas VIP deluxe will get four 2 L bottles. If you want to bring more drinks, or even any type of water, it’s a good idea to keep everyone hydrated.

How Old Must You Be To Be Included As Part Of The Party?

If you are under the age of 18, you will be considered as part of the headcount. If you are over 18, you are not counted at all. Therefore, you can bring as many guests as you like, yet only the kids that are typically still in high school or grade school are going to be counted. There is a separate toddler area for smaller children. Kids that are under 10 months of age are also not counted. There is a refund policy if you cancel two weeks before the event otherwise you will have to pay for the event that is scheduled even if you do not attend.

Why Do Kids Like Jumper Parties?

The reason the kids like Jumper parties is because they can participate in so many activities. If you think about a regular child’s birthday party, you have to think of all of the different games that they are going to play. Sometimes old-fashioned games like pin the tail on the donkey, or hide and seek, can get old very quickly. However, when they have access to all of these different Jumper rooms and activities, the kids are going to be entertained for most of the full two hours up until the time you have to leave.

When Is The Best Time To Set An Appointment?

The best time to set an appointment is going to be several weeks before you need to schedule a date. There are a limited number of openings, therefore you need to be early enough to schedule a time. If you don’t, you could miss an opportunity to use these facilities on the day of your child’s birthday. However, they may prefer going on a different day. In fact, many people schedule it before or after the day of their birthday to coincide with when more people can attend. It’s just nice to know in advance if you will be able to have access to this facility. Whether you are in New Mexico, Nevada, or Southern California, you should be able to find one of these facilities that will have openings for you.

If you have never schedule a time for your kids at a Jumper’s Jungle, they will absolutely love this location. It doesn’t matter which one you choose as they are all basically the same, regardless of whether you are in Vegas or in the Los Angeles area. Once you have your appointment set, then you can begin to send out the cards looking for RSVPs. The more kids that you have, the better the event is going to be. Make sure to tell everyone about the rules which will include not to where their shoes on the jumping apparatuses, and that socks are absolutely mandatory. If you are going to have a large crowd, make sure that you bring extra store-bought food, which will also include the birthday cake, so that your child will have a very memorable time at Jumper’s Jungle.

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