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      Come Enjoy Our Bounce Houses And Inflatable Obstacle Courses At Jumper's Jungle If you live in Riverside, Santa Fe Springs, Peoria or in Las Vegas, there is a place called Jumper's Jungle that you are going to enjoy. It is one of those places that your kids will love, even if they are older, because of all of the inflatable activities that are there. It is a very affordable place to take your kids for their birthday, an event that they will always remember. Let's talk a little bit about the bounce house atmosphere at Jumper's Jungle and why you should call them to schedule their birthday in the next few days. What Will You Find There? You are going to find several different things at this location. You are going to see jungle bouncers, super slides, and inflatable obstacles. There are sports games that are available for everyone to play on, and you can have up to 30 kids during one party. It's actually a very large location, regardless of which business that you go to, and you are going to have a blast at this beautiful place. If you have not been to this business before so that your kids can have a birthday party, you are going to be pleasantly surprised by not only the activities and the bounce house, but the pizza and sodas that will be made available. What Packages Do They Have? There are several packages that are offered at this business to accommodate people based upon how many guests that will be attending. If you don't mind sharing with another family, and if an hour and 1/2 is plenty of time, you can have a birthday party for as low as $150. If you are going to do this on a weekend, or on a Friday, you can get a VIP Deluxe Party for two hours for $425. This is where you will be able to get five 1 topping pizzas, something that your kids and everyone attending can enjoy. What If You Have A Problem With That Date Later On? If you have a problem with that date at a later time, you can always contact the company to switch that time around. If you are calling a couple weeks in advance, it should be no problem at all, and they can shift you to another day. Additionally, you will be able to upgrade if necessary if you believe that more kids are coming. You might want to go from a Premier Party to a VIP Party instead. They are always going to be accommodating as long as you give them enough time to resolve these issues that you are facing. What Type Of Birthday Party Supplies Should You Bring? You need to bring several different things including plates, forks, spoons, bowls, and cups for everyone to drink out of. Even though the packages will include a couple bottles of soda, you might want to bring juice, water, or just more soda if you are going to have more people. You could buy extra 2 L bottles there if you run out, and if people are not wearing socks, they can provide those for three dollars a pair. As long as your shoes are off, everyone is welcome to get into the bounce house where they can have fun with everyone attending. Jumper's Jungle is one of the best places that kids can go to with they want to have a birthday party that is going to be fun, even if it's raining outside. It is designed to accommodate large numbers of people, and regardless of how old all of the attendees are, they will likely want to bounce around like everyone else. It is a destination that you will certainly enjoy. You may find yourself wanting to bring all of your kids to this business to have their birthday parties. Contact Jumper's Jungle today and find out if you can schedule a party on your child's birthday.

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